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We host a number of wellness programs to suit virtually all your needs.
They include

  • ‘Santhi’ - Stress relieving package
  • ‘Sodhana’ - De toxification package to eliminate the accumulated toxins from the body and refresh
  • ‘Punarnava’ - Revitalization package to eliminate wear and lassitude due to lifestyle.
  • ‘Vaajikarana’ - Rejuvenation package to slow down and counteract aging.
  • ‘Pushti’ - Nourishment package to retune body and mind and enhance skin tone and beauty.
  • ‘Nidra pradana’ - Package for sleeplessness and stress.

KARKITAKA – Monsoon special wellness package. According to traditional Kerala life style, the month of Karkitaka (monsoon – June- July) is the best time for eliminating toxins from body and for rejuvenation.

The package includes special external treatments, internal medicines and special ayurvedic diet.

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We host a number of wellness programs to suit virtually all your needs.They include: Santhi, Sodhana, Punarnava, Vaajikarana, Pushti, Nidra pradana.      
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Public transport is available from Kochi international airport Nedumbassery, and railway stations Ernakulam Junction , Ernakulan central and Kottayam.                        
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