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Ayurveda or the science of life is the ancient Indian system of medicine. More than a treatment modality, Ayurveda is a life style of well being and healthy living. Details about anatomy, physiology, various communicable and non communicable diseases, and their treatment including surgical methods are described in classical Ayurvedic texts like Charaka samhitha, Susruta Samhitha, Ashtanga Hrudaya etc.

Considered as a sub veda of adharva veda, ayurveda’s origin is believed to be from the hindu god brahma.

The relevance of Ayurveda is increasing in the modern world not only as a life style to live healthy in the midst of pollution and degradation, but also as an effective system of medicine for treating many diseases including cancer, diabetes , psoriasis etc.

According to Ayurveda the functional elements of any living body are the 3 doshas- the vata, the pitha and the kapha. Their harmony is health and disharmony cause disease.

Ayurvedic treatment include two phases
1. Shamana – Pacifying the body constituents or doshas using internal medicines, herbs etc.
2. Shodhana – Eliminating vitiated doshas from body using different methods including panchakarma.

Various massages, oil baths etc are used in ayurvedic treatment. Yoga and physiotherapy are also incorporated now a days for better result.

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